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Fireground Operational Guides

Deputy Chief Frank Viscuso, Kearny NJ
Deputy Chief Michael Terpak, Jersey City

This important new book is designed to serve many purposes in the fire service, ranging from being a starting point and refresher guide for firefighters seeking promotions at any level, to being a field operational guide for on-scene Incident Commanders and Company Officers. It offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step action plan for firefighters working in Acting Capacities, and can be used when developing SOP's, and when organizing and planning training evolutions. It's definitely a book every firefighter, officer, and aspiring officer will want to own!

Approx. 290 Pages/Hardcover/8.5x11
Fire Engineering books
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  • Operational guides and tactical worksheets
  • Structure fires
  • Electrical emergencies
  • Natural gas emergencies
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Water emergencies
  • Confined fires
  • Outdoor fires
  • Vehicle fires and accidents
  • Non-fire emergencies
  • Oil burner emergencies
  • General operations
  • Administrative

  Fireground Size-Up

From Fire Engineering Books and Videos

Fireground Size-Up
By Michael A.Terpak
Deputy Chief
City of Jersey City Fire Department

Whether you are studying for an upcoming promotional exam, or attempting to expand your knowledge of the fireground for an efficient, effective and safe outcome, after you read Fire Ground Size-Up you will agree that it is one of the most comprehensive and experienced texts available.

  • Chapter 1 - The 15 points of Size-Up
  • Chapter 2 - Private dwellings
  • Chapter 3 - Multiple dwellings
  • Chapter 4 - Taxpayers, Strip Malls and Stores
  • Chapter 5 - Garden Apartments and Townhouses
  • Chapter 6 - Row frames and Brownstones
  • Chapter 7 - Churches
  • Chapter 8 - Factories, Lofts and Warehouses
  • Chapter 9 - High Rises
  • Chapter 10 - Vacant Buildings
Each chapter will review size-up factors and their concerns for the fire officer, first due considerations for the engine and ladder company, as well as operational considerations for the chief officer.

This book is designed to give the reader an in-depth review of 15 recognized size-up points for the different occupancies listed. In each different type of building referenced, Mike covers the following: construction concerns, occupancy, apparatus and staffing, life hazard, terrain, water supply, auxiliary appliances and aides, street conditions, weather, exposures, area, location and extent of fire, time, height, and special considerations.

Text and Study Guide available from:
Chief Terpak @ 973-726-9538 or
Fire Engineering Books and Videos 1-800-752-9764
406 pages/Hardcover

Click here to download a free .pdf sample of this book.

Assessment Center
Strategy and Tactics

From Fire Engineering Books and Videos

Assessment Center Strategies and Tactics
By Michael A.Terpak
Deputy Chief
City of Jersey City Fire Department

Read Assessment Center Strategies and Tactics and broaden your understanding of the true test of knowledge, skills and abilities that awaits you as you climb the ladder of success.

  • Chapter 1 — Understanding the process
    • Performance Dimensions
    • How Assessors will score you
    • Test-taking tips
    • What to avoid

  • Chapter 2 — Strategy and tactics assessment
    • Company Officer Tactics
    • Engine and Ladder Company
    • Chief Officer Strategies
    • A to Z approach

  • Chapter 3 — Structure fires
    Test-taking cues for answering exercises involving structure fires

  • Chapter 4 — Unusual and Everyday type incidents
    Test-taking cues for answering exercises involving:
    • Structural Collapse
    • Hazardous Material incidents
    • Gas leaks & Oil burner incidents

  • Chapter 5 — Strategy and Tactic exercises
    10 — Oral Assessment exercises with comprehensive answer keys!

Firefighters who want to advance must be skilled not only on the fireground, but in the assessment center as well. In Assessment Center Strategies and Tactics, Battalion Chief Michael A. Terpak provides a comprehensive approach to the assessment process. He includes step-by-step preparation, scoring strategies, and test-taking tips as well as study cues for exercises that include structure fires, hazardous material incidents, structural collapse, and beyond.

"Chief Terpak takes the reader through a thorough process that identifies what to expect from the assessment center process and how to prepare for it. The reader will find that this book will identify the concept of an assessment center and the various types of exercises that make up an assessment center process."
Paul H. Stein
Fire Chief (Retired)
Lakeside and Santa Monica California Fire Departments

"Chief Terpak's insight and experience will help you to prepare for the testing process as well as show you ways to maximize your score and increase the chance of promotion. While there are o guarantees, the advice found in these pages, along with your vigilant study of the job, will start you on the path to promotional success."
Captain Michael West
South Metro Colorado Fire and Rescue

You asked for it, it’s here! Chiefs Terpak and Montagne have placed their study guide acronyms for management and supervision exercises into a new book!
Chapter 1 – Understanding the Process
What is an Assessment Center
How performance is measured and evaluated.
How Assessors may interact with you.
Oral Assessment Strategies

Chapter 2 – Supervision Responsibilities
Subordinate Interviewing
Employee Discipline and Due Process
Employee Grievances
Sexual Harassment
Performance Evaluations
Order Giving
Praise and Criticism
Customer Service

Chapter 3 – Management Functions
Management Functions
Safety and Health
Facilities and Equipment
Fire Prevention

Chapter 4 – Assessment exercises
Management Acronym
Exercise # 1 – Planning a Fire Station
Exercise # 2 – Safety and Health Preplanning
Exercise # 3 – Discipline
Exercise # 4 – Fire Prevention
Exercise # 5 – Fire Scene
Exercise # 6 – Customer Service
Exercise # 7 – Harassment

Fire Officer Oral Assessment Study Guides:
Chapter 1 Foundation Templates
• Structure Fires
• Engine and Ladder Company Operations
• Fire Ground Size-Up
• Offensive to Defensive
• Hazardous Material Incidents
• Terrorism
• Structural Collapse
• Mass Casualty

Chapter 2 Task Based Templates
• Fire Attack
• Forcible Entry
• Search and Rescue
• Large Area Search Rope Procedures
• Ventilation
• Trench Cutting Operations
• Overhaul
• Rapid Intervention

Chapter 3 Occupancy Based Templates
• Private Dwellings
• Multiple Dwellings
• Taxpayers and Strip Malls
• Factories and Warehouses
• Row Frames
• Garden Apartments/Townhouses/Light Weight Construction
• Hospital, Day Cares and Nursing Homes
• Churches
• High-Rises

Chapter 4 Evolving – Challenging
• Hoarding
• Flashover
• Back Drafts
• Loss of Water
• Collapse Indicators
• May-Days
• Oil Burners
• Lumberyards
• Wind Driven fires

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